Doti Soojung Hospital


Doti Soojung Hospital was established on January 1993 in Rajpur, Dipayal of the Doti district with the support of Korea Evergreen Hosanna Council (KEHC). For the establishment of hospital, RDSC plays the role of local level partner organization with providing its 8-ropani lands and plays the vital role to manage 20 ropani extra land in lease for 90 years from Nagar Bikas. More than 15,000 people of Doti and neighboring districts have been benefitted from the health services every year. The hospital is now running with its well-equipped tools having 3 doctors and 35 supporting staff. The hospital has upgraded up to 50 beds from 2010 and been providing quality health service at local level. Now, KEHC has handed over the hospital to RDSC.  With the Public Private Partnership (PPP) modality, the hospital management and service were frequently operated.


  Donor organization

Korean Evergreen Hosanna Council 


 Project location

Dipayal Silgadi municipality-7, Doti 


 Project duration

  • Starting Date : 1993
  • Completion date : Continuous


 Objective of the project

  • Provide quality health service and facilities at rural area of Doti and other neighboring Districts of Far Western Development Region (FWDR).
  • To boost up the health status of rural people of Doti District by providing preventive, primitive and curative health services.
  • Provide effective reproductive and child health care services.
  • Improve the hygiene and environmental health at targeted Communities.
  • Provide the high quality technical training facilities to support staff as well as the competent community people.



  • Organize basic medical treatment training opportunities to the local people as Health Workers.
  • Send medical staff of the hospital for advance training.
  • Networking with other hospitals and health service authorities to share the technologies and services as well as the developed Standard health policies in the district level.
  • Upgraded up to 50 beds and Construction of  buildings and other rooms\' as per the requirement
  • Operating the hospital management as PPP modality
  • Organizing Health camps
  • Conduct joint programme in coordination with other NGOs and concerning stakeholders related to health services and hygiene.
  • Develop preventing health education on communicable disease to prevent epidemic.
  • Conducted Seminar and meetings among the community people for finding the solution towards maintaining hygiene and good environment.


 Service Providing

  • Provide 6 hours regulars OPD Service.
  • Provide 24 hours emergency Service.
  • General ward service
  • Gynecology
  • Pathology service
  • Video X-ray/X-ray
  • Orthopedic service
  • Service for communicable diseases: TB, Diarrhoea, Malariya etc.
  • Advocacy and service on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.
  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Provide 24-hour obstetric care service.
  • Provide appropriate medicine, Pregnancy care information class; delivery kit to the every pregnant woman.
  • Support the existing family planning services in the district.
  • Create awareness among women in the community on altering signs and symptoms in pregnancy.
  • Ambulance Service at KTM for referral Patients and local people.


 Achievement (Outputs) of the program

  • 15,000 people from Doti and other Peripheral neighboring districts got general medical treatment facilities every year.
  • 8,000 people from the mentioned communities got the services on the female health/reproductive, and child delivery.
  • 25% of child and mother mortality rate was decreased in the hospital area.
  • 45% of unsaved childbirth and abortion has been maintained.
  • Approval to run 50 beds capacity hospital from Ministry of Health Department.
  • Construction of Buildings for 50 bed hospital, staff quarters, well equipped laboratories developed.


 Number of Beneficiaries

Yearly about 15,000 peoples of Doti and neighboring Districts of FWDR.

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