Women in Resource Conservation for Generating Income in Doti district

With the financial assistance of SNV- Nepal RDSC had implemented this program in Latamandu VDC of Doti district from June 1995 to July 1996. This program was focused on poverty alleviation through goat faming, bee keeping and piggery. The project was focused especially to the Dalit women of Latamandu VDC. In this project 20 she goat and 2 he goats were distributed to the Dalit women of Muthbora village, 10 female piglets and one male piglet was distributed to the Dalit women of Bairkot village and 20 hives with bee was distributed to the Muthbora village and Bairkot village of Latamandu VDCs.

In this project Melefera bee and its hives had taken form Kathmandu, unfortunately it could not survive in the atmosphere of Doti District. But goat raising and piggery farming was sustainably running with distributing a first lamb and a piglet to other members.


Beneficiaries/ Achievement


  • 50 family of Dalit People
  • 40% and 20% of Dalit family are still engaged in goat raising and piggery
  • 5 to 15 thousand earnings per month from such activities
  • More than extra 100 family were distributed pig lets and lamb
  • Socio-economic upliftment and maintaining better livelihood
  • Created local level employment opportunity
    • Angora rabbit farming for  5 groups Distribution of 22 goats to 22 Dalit families
    • Distribution of 10 piglets to 10 Dalit family
    • Distribution 20 bee with hive for 20 Dalit family
    • Training provided
    • Awareness activities on income generation
    • Social mobilization, mass meetings etc.

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