Vegetable Farming for Income Generation along the Dadeldhura Doti Road Corridor in Doti District of Nepal



Rural  Development Service Centre (RDSC), Latamandu, Doti

Name of the

project proposal

Vegetable Farming  for Income Generation along the Dadeldhura - Dipayal Road Corridor in Doti district of Nepal

Total budget in NPR

Requested from the Embassy of Finland: NRs. 8.55 million (€ 85,000)

Source of Self-financing (minimum 10 %): In kind: NRs. 100,000; In cash: NRs. 850,000

Total duration

of the project

Two Years

Project district and


Doti district  in Far Western Development Region of Nepal

Banlekh, Latamandu, Mudhbara, Mudegaun and Panchnali VDCs

Objectives of

the project

Overall objective: To increase the income level of the poor farming households through commercial farming of vegetables

Specific objectives: To (i) enhance farmers’ capacity to grow and market seasonal and off season vegetables ; (ii) provide agricultural inputs and technical supports; (iii) establish domestic market linkages for the trade of vegetables; and (iv) develop and implement mechanism (s) for the sustainability and up-scaling of project outputs/results.


Women Empowerment and Child Awareness Nepal (WECAN)

Target group(s)1

555 poor farming households selected proportionately from five project VDCs

Final beneficiaries2

and the number

of final beneficiaries

About 36,000 households consisting of about 217,000 populations in the project district including 3,144 households (17,000 populations) of five project VDCs that are not directly participating in the project activities. The vegetable traders, transport operators, landless labourers and other people who indirectly benefit from the project activities.

Main activities





Assessment of the potentials for vegetable production and marketing; 0.2 Planning workshops; 0.3 Implementation of monitoring mechanism; 0.4 Periodic performance/impact  assessments; 1.1 Farmers’ capacity enhancement training programs; 1.2 Develop of demonstration plots; 1.3 Observation/exposure tours for the target groups; 1.4 Delivery of agricultural inputs and technical supports; 2.1 Training programs for the farmers’ capacity enhancement  for marketing  vegetables; 2.2 Provide Delivery of marketing materials for the target groups; 2.3 Development of vegetable collection centres; 2.4 Establishment of domestic market linkages for the supply of vegetables; 3.1 Formation of groups of the target groups; 3.2 Management capacity enhancement training programs for the target groups; 3.3 Supports for the formation of Cooperatives of the target groups; 4.1 Documentation of project outputs; 4.2 dissemination of the project outputs to major stakeholders

Estimated SMART results


  1. I.        The target groups (poor farming household) are found to be fully involved in the production of seasonal and off season vegetables in all project locations. By the end of the project period at least 95% of 555 HHs are found producing vegetable covering at least 30 hectares of land.
  2. II.      Commercial trade of seasonal and off season vegetables by the project beneficiaries (targeted farming household) is found started in all project locations (VDCs). By the end of the project period 95% of the target groups are found selling 90% of their vegetable production.
  3. III.    Local capacity developed to sustain/continue the project after it phases out. By the end of the project period at least one vegetable cooperative is formed in each of five project VDCs.
  4. IV.    Environment conducive for the extension/up-scaling of project outputs in other parts of the project district is created. By the end of the project period, adjoining VDCs are found demanding similar project intervention in their VDCs and DADO is found encouraged to identify and promote vegetable pockets in the project district.  

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