Poverty Alleviation through Herbal Management in Doti District

With the generous financial support of the Royal Danish Embassy, Kathamndu, RDSC has implemented the Poverty Alleviation through Herbal Management in Doti District form May 2001 to 2004 (for the period of three years). This project has contributed to poverty alleviation through herbal cultivation, collection and management in both private land and community forests of Doti District. The project has fulfilled its twin objective of conserving fragile forest environment and improving the socio-economic conditions of the rural people through cultivation and management of medicinal and aromatic plants/herbs in Doti District. The main objectives of the projects are as;

  • Mobilize the local people (Farmers and Community Forest users) in income-generation activities especially in herbal farming and management
  • Ensure that the medicinal and aromatic plants raised by the target people are semi processed and sold.

Beneficiaries/ Achievement


  • More than 335 people of 15 farmer groups (saving and credit groups), in which 80% were women
  • 5 groups were formed of dalit women, which were identified as landless groups
  • More than 1400 households of 20 Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs)
  • People of 18 VDC and a municipality are engaged in CF management
  • 8 to 15 thousand earnings per month (seasonal 6 month) from the program
  • Frequently operation of herb processing plant
  • Develop entrepreneurship with in SCG
  • Socio-economic upliftment and maintaining better livelihood
  • Cultivation, conservation, harvesting/ collection of herbs in private and national, community forests
  • Earnings from herb selling in herb processing plant (seasonal 6 month in a year)
  • Environment conservation with plantation, cultivation and sustainable utilization of NTFP/herbs
  • Created local level employment opportunity

  Formation of Farmers user groups outside the Community Forest Area (CBOs), and Federation of User Groups

  Formation of 15 Saving and Credit Groups (SCG) and fund mobilization

  Revision of the Community Forest Operation Plans of 20 CF

  Community Forest area management plan develop for five years

  Preparation of Information Kits about medicinal and aromatic plants/herbs

  Training and Awareness Raising (out reach) on environment conservation, land and forest degradation, sanitation, orientation on climate change etc. 

  Develop the techniques on Cultivation, Collection and Processing and management of herbs in community forest and individual land.

  Prepared business plan for herb processing plant

  Maintenance and strengthening Herbs Processing Unit

  Baseline Survey of Doti district about the herb/NTFPs knowledge, awareness, utilization and management

  Development of Manual on MAPs/ Herbs and NTFPs Conservation, Cultivation, Harvesting, Processing, Marketing of Processed Products and Benefit Sharing

  Seminars, workshops and literacy program on environment conservation and income generation activities through NTFPs/Herb management.

  Ensure semi-processing of the herbal products of Doti Herb Enterprise by developing additional facilities and promote marketing of herb cultivated by the target groups

  Promoting public awareness and by providing skill development trainings in herb conservation, cultivation, harvesting and processing

  Training on Herb cultivation techniques, conservation, harvesting, storage, processing, marketing and benefit sharing

  Excursion for local people

  Identification of the major herbs and awareness dissemination their marketing value

  Awareness rising about self promotion, income generation, environment conservation, sanitation, solid waste management, sustainable utilization of resource

  Technical support and facilitation to Forest User Groups, Farmers Groups, Cooperatives  and herb processing plant

  Publication of Major NTFPs/Herbs leaflets, booklets and manual

  • Massive social mobilization process, mass meetings, personal visit and meetings etc.
  • Model Nursery development for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)

  More than 54,000 seedlings/saplings of herb/NTFPs were plantated in community forests and private land

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