Income Generation through Cultivation, Management and Processing of Herbs in Doti District (Establishment of Herbal Processing Unit)

Under the financial support of the Canadian Cooperation Office the program has been implemented in Latamandu, Banlek, Barbata, Lamikhal, panchanali, Tijali, Jijodamandu and other adjoining VDCs of Doti district during the period of March 1997 to September 1999. This program has focused its activities to uplift the socio-economic condition through the promotion of herb cultivation, conservation, sustainable utilization and processing. The major focusing work of the project was the installation and establishment herbal processing unit, with containing 2000 liters capacity of vessel and 500 liters capacity of boiler. The herb processing unit was installed at Tiltali of Latamndu VDC, Doti under this program. Now, the herbs processing work was running frequently. By this work local people are getting better benefit with herb cultivation, collection, processing and processing at local level. Overall Doti and neighboring districts are encouraging for processing work and are getting highly benefit.

Beneficiaries/ Achievement


  • More than 1200 families are benefited from this program
  • People of 5 VDCs are still directly involving in this program
  • 8 to 15 thousand earnings per month (seasonal 6 month) from the program
  • Socio-economic upliftment and maintaining better livelihood
  • Cultivation, conservation, harvesting/ collection of herbs in private and national, community forests
  • Earnings from herb selling in herb processing plant (seasonal 6 month in a year)
  • Environment conservation with plantation, cultivation and sustainable utilization of NTFP/herbs
  • Created local level employment opportunity
    • Purchase of herb processing plant's equipment from Delhi, India and delivery the materials with custom duty free.
    • Establishment of Herb processing plant (2000 liters capacity each of 2 vessel and 500 liters capacity of boiler)
    • Provide trainings on herb conservation, cultivation, harvesting/ collection and processing technique
    • Activities for environment conservation, income generation and livelihood
    • Initiated for herb cultivation, harvesting and processing
    • Marketing of extracted herb products
    • Information dissemination on herb conservation, harvesting and processing
    • Awareness on sustainable utilization of herb
    • Massive social mobilization process, mass meetings, personal visit and meetings etc.

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