Implementation of Social Mobilization for LGCDP


It is noticeable that Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP) is a major initiative led by Ministry of Local Development with the support of a range of development partners and in effect since 2008 for four years. It is designed with the goal of contributing towards poverty reduction through inclusive, responsive and accountable local governance and participatory community-led development. This social mobilization program is indentified as the key means of empowering communities and community organizations. The programme is adopting transformation approach. One of the outputs of the LGCDP is to strengthen the capacity of communities and community organizations to participate in the local planning, implementation and oversight process.

RDSC is currently implementing the social mobilization process in 5 VDCs of Doti district from January 2010 with the support of MoLD/DDC/LGCDP. One new VDC has been added from September 2011. Now the total number of working VDCs are 6 i.e. Latamandu, Jijodamandu, Banlek, Barabta, Lamikhal and Bhumirajmandu VDCs of Doti district.




  • Improved in service fluency for social mobilization process as qualitatively and effectively.
  • Enhanced the knowledge and skills of Dalit, Janjati and deprived people and take actively participation in local governance process.
  • Initiated the social mobilization activities in the district with skilled and well trained manpower and developed the social mobilization process.
  • Assessment of the documents prepared and Discussion meeting with the Client for clarifying all the details of the assignment
  • Development/Preparation of the instruments.
  • Appointment of social mobilizer and preliminary meetings/discussions
  • Training of social mobilizer and required human resource
  • Utilization of guidelines developed by LGCDP and develop practice handbook, pre-testing and finalization
  • Social mobilization at village level
  • Coordination meeting local level, VDC level, DDC level, stakeholders and other line agencies.
  • Discussion with the local bodies and local people to ensure their participation in local governance and credibility for best utilization of the VDC resource.
  • Make aware to local people for participation in VDC level planning and ensuring their right for participation in local governance.
  • Community survey
  • Formation of Ward level Public Forum and conduct reflect classes and orientation to the Forum.
  • Administration of the questionnaires/interviews
  • Development of advocacy campaign
  • Data/information analyzing, collating, synthesizing, etc.
  • Writing preliminary report.
  • Discussion, counseling and get feedback from DDC, VDC, LGCDP, DSMC on activities.
  • Reporting as per guideline provided by the LGCDP.

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