Physical Infrastructures

The Central Office of RDSC is in Latamandu VDC ward No. 9, Gopghat, Tiltali, Doti and contact office is located at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur has following physical facilities:

Materials  Specification Quantity
Computer Desk Top Pentium IV 8 Set
Computer   Desk Top Pentium III  1 Set
Computer Desk Top Pentium II  1 Set
Computer  Laptop  Pentium IV   1 Set
Computer Laptop  Pentium II  1 Set
Printer  Laser (Lexmark) 1 Set
Printer Laser (Lexmark) – All in one  1 Set
Printer   Laser (Brother)  1 Set
Printer Laser (Cannon 2900) 1 Set
Printer  Bubble Jet 1000 SP 1 Set
Printers Others 4
Printers 5 in One – Photocopy, Fax, Scan, Telephone, Colour Printing (Lexmark)  1 Set
Telephone    4 line
Fax       Do
Camera   with high focal capacity lens  1 Set
Camera  Digital with 4.1 pix cell   1 Set
Camera  simple manual  3 Set
Altimeter       1 Set
Forest Compass   1 Set
Army Type Compass     1 Set
Clinometers      1 Set
Micro Hydro Power related equipments   1 Set
Land     16 Ropani (Doti)
Raw material warehouse building   one (Doti)
Herbs Processing Plant   One Unit (Doti)
Furniture (Daraj, Table, Chairs, Computer Table etc.)     Sufficient

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Rural Development Service Center, Doti, announced vacancy for recruitment of staff. Please download the Vacancy notice and Job Description.

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