RDSC was established with the main objective of organizing community participation for rural development. The specific objectives of RDSC are to:

  • Implement sustainable and integrated rural development programs related to health, education, agriculture, forestry, land, renewal energy technology, water and environment based on resource endowments and comparative advantages of the working area;
  • Organize sustainable community development and awareness programs for the benefit of poor and disadvantage rural people;
  • Improve living standard of rural people by helping them develop their skill and subsequently by assisting them in implementing income generating activities in close coordination and cooperation with national and international organizations;
  • Implement gender specific programs, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, family planning and population activities, peace and governance activities;
  • Create employment opportunities and assist in tourism development activities and exploration of tourist spots in the region;
  • Preserve and protect culture and cultural heritage of the region; and
  • Organize trainings, awareness programs, exploratory and research activities.

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Vacancy Announcement

Rural Development Service Center, Doti, announced vacancy for recruitment of staff. Please download the Vacancy notice and Job Description.

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