Rural Development Service Center (RDSC) is a non-profit making autonomous, non-governmental organization dedicated to community development in rural areas of Nepal particularly in Far Western Development Region (FWDR). RDSC was established in 1993 and registered in District Administration Office, Doti (Regd. No. 13/049/50) and Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (Regd. No. 1097). The Pan No. of the organization is 301505176 registered in Internal Revenue Office, Dhangadi, Kailali.

Rural Development Service Centre (RDSC) is the pioneering locally based non-governmental organization, non-political, non-profit making organization. RDSC is committed for working on demand-driven based community development activities, which utilizes sustainably local resources and generates income in uplifting the needy and extreme poor people. The actions of RDSC are generally based on community, which bring about desirable changes in attitude, perception, recognition and behavior of rural people, rather than focusing mainly on sustainable development of infrastructures. The organization always believes in the social mobilization is the key source for every project successes and their target fulfillment.

In comparison of other development region of Nepal, Far Western Development Region is less developed, where extreme poverty widely exists. The region is distressed with social discrimination, political and socio-economically backwardness, geographical diversification, low agricultural productivity and physical infrastructure. Most of the people depend on agricultural production and productivity, in spite of the fact that the productivity is not sufficient for livelihood. With lack of opportunities most of male populace generally migrates out of country in search of employment. Women perform all households' related works as well as agricultural activities. After critical examination of these crucial issues, RDSC has been established with a view to mobilize the rural people to manage social issues, which are the beneficiaries and promoters of their development programs, particularly on natural resource management and benefit from comparative and competitive advantages. RDSC is committed for working on demand-driven based community development activities, which utilizes local resources and generates income in uplifting the needy communities on a sustainable basis.

RDSC has implemented a number of activities related to alternative energy, health, education, forestry, environment, agriculture, road, infrastructure development, land, drinking water etc. based on resource endowments since the last 18 years for sustainable development programs in overall districts of Far Western Development Region as well as other districts of the country. RDSC has been working from its establishment to improve the following social problems i.e., literacy rate, drinking water and sanitation, agricultural productivity, degradation of natural resources in terms of forest and soil erosion, natural resource utilization, landslides, deforestation, conservation of socio-cultural practices etc.

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Rural Development Service Center, Doti, announced vacancy for recruitment of staff. Please download the Vacancy notice and Job Description.

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