Approach and Strategy

RDSC has adopted a strategy of working with the rural people at the grass-root level to achieve the goals of people-centered sustainable development. Therefore, RDSC acts as a catalyst to encourage community involvement in solving locally identified problems.

It also encourages communities to reach out all ethnic groups and to give particular attention to the needs of poor, disadvantaged groups, backward groups, women and children, and other minorities.

RDSC has approached to educate the people as its first entry point into the process of community development. Interaction with the community begins with literacy classes, and awareness-raising activities. Through a process of dialogue and consultation, the felt needs of the community are gradually articulated and these become the focus for project ideas. It has also approached to seek community's confidence, promote problem-solving skills, capacity to make harmonious decisions and develop local leadership. For this reason, beneficiaries are included in all phases of the project cycle right from the identification of areas and programs for community action and their implementation and evaluation.

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Vacancy Announcement

Rural Development Service Center, Doti, announced vacancy for recruitment of staff. Please download the Vacancy notice and Job Description.

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