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Rural Development Service Center (RDSC) is a non-profit making autonomous, non-governmental organization dedicated to community development in rural areas of Nepal particularly in Far Western Development Region (FWDR). RDSC was established in 1993 and registered in District Administration Office, Doti (Regd. No. 13/049/50) and Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (Regd. No. 1097). The Pan No. of the organization is 301505176 registered in Internal Revenue Office, Dhangadi, Kailali.

The FWDR is least developed region among the other development regions of the country. Most of the people in FWDR are living in extreme poverty. The region has least developed institutional and physical infrastructures. Recently built Karnali Bridge has directly linked this region with the rest of the country through inland roads. Otherwise, one had to travel via India in order to reach other parts of the country including Kathmandu. Exceptionally, high infant mortality rate and poor nutritional status, lowest literacy rate, poor drinking water and sanitary condition, high population growth rate, lowest agricultural productivity, rapid degradation of natural resources in terms of soil erosion, landslides, floods deforestation, drying up of springs and streams many social and cultural conservation are some of the important features of this region.

With minimum opportunities for income (earning cash) as well as supplement food requirement, young people generally migrate to India and other parts of the country in search of employment. Therefore, women perform all households as well as agricultural activities except ploughing. In addition, rural women have also to gather fuel wood and fodder as well as graze animals in the forest. Despite such hectic routine of laborious work, they hardly get enough to eat. After critical examination of these crucial issues, RDSC has been established with a view to mobilize the rural people, which are the beneficiaries and promoters of their development programs, particularly on natural resource management and benefit from comparative and competitive advantages. RDSC is committed for working on demand-driven community development activities, which utilizes local resources and generates income in uplifting the needy communities on a sustainable basis.

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Rural Development Service Center, Doti, announced vacancy for recruitment of staff. Please download the Vacancy notice and Job Description.

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